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Academic All-America
Balanced excellence. There is no better demonstration of living up to both ends of the phrase 'student-athlete' than earning Academic All-America status. And nearly 300 Ivy Leaguers have done just that.

Ken Dryden was not just one of the greatest goaltenders in his sport's history. He was not just one of the most successful and important college athletes of all time. Dryden was also an exceptional student-athlete, who, in addition to being a Hockey Hall of Famer, became an author, television personality, college professor and Canadian cabinet minister.

And when he became the fifth Ivy Leaguer inducted into the College Sports Information Directors of America Academic All-American Hall of Fame in 2005, he told the audience of his parents simple rule: "[They] wanted us to be well-rounded. If there was a conflict or if a choice had to be made, school always won."

Those Leaguers he joined were Princeton's Bill Bradley (1988); Dartmouth's Willie Bogan (1989); Cornell's Joe Holland (1991) and Cornell's Ellen Mayer Sabik (1997).

Every year CoSIDA chooses Academic All-America teams in the sports of football, women's volleyball, men's and women's basketball, men's and women's track and field, baseball and softball. Also, men's and women's at-large teams — comprised of athletes from all sports not listed above — are chosen. To be named an Academic All-American, an athlete has to maintain at least a 3.20 grade point average and be a starter or key reserve on his or her team.

Four Ivy Leaguers have been selected as the All-American of the Year in the specific sport — Paul Sorensen (1988, football); Darren Eales (1995, at-large); Katy Cross (2005, soccer); and Nick Hartigan (2006, football).

The League has had a record 33 Academic All-Americans in the last two seasons, but that is far from its only record mark. The Ivies have also shattered the records for the most honorees in a span of six years (85), five years (74), four years (60) and three years (48). The numbers in 2006-07 could be another record as the League has already had eight honorees and the majority of the awards come following the spring season.

Below is a list of the nearly 300 all-time honorees. Those with an asterisk were chosen to at-large teams (starting in 1983) and the year indicated is the end of the academic season. If a football player says 2006 it means he was awarded during the 2005-06 school year.

*Melissa Anderson, Harvard (Tennis, 2006—third)
Paul Anderson, Dartmouth (Basketball, 1984—first)
*Scott Anderson, Princeton (Track & Field, 1996—third)
Dean Arnaoutakis, Columbia (Soccer, 2004—first; 2005—second)
Cameron Atkinson, Princeton (Football, 2002—second)
Jen Babik, Princeton (Softball, 1993—second; 1994—first; 1995—first)
Mario Baggio, Columbia (Football, 1978—second)
*Suzanne Bailey, Brown (Soccer / Lax, 1991—second)
*Emma Baratta, Columbia (Fencing, 2004—second; 2006—first)
*Jim Barlow, Princeton (Soccer, 1991—second)
*John Bayne, Cornell (Soccer, 1986—first; 1987—first; 1988—first)
Sue Beaulieu, Brown (Softball, 1986—honorable mention)
John Bechdol, Harvard (Football, 2005—second)
*Lauren Becker, Brown (Lacrosse, 1986—honorable mention)
Laura Beckert, Yale (Softball, 2003—second)
*Steffany Bender, Princeton (Softball, 1990—second)
Chico Bengochea, Cornell (Baseball, 1978—second; 1979—first)
Claude Benham, Columbia (Football, 1956—first)
*Mark Benning, Harvard (Ice Hockey, 1986—first; 1987—second)
Eleni Benson, Yale (Soccer, 2006—first)
Brian Bergstrom, Harvard (Football, 1984—first)
Ken Beytin, Princeton (Baseball, 1974—first)
Caroline Bierbaum, Columbia (Track & Field, 2005—first; 2006—first)
John Bishop, Penn (Football, 1997—second)
Sandi Bittler, Princeton (Basketball, 1989—second; 1990—second)
Josh Bloom, Dartmouth (Football, 1994—second)
Mike Bobo, Dartmouth (Football, 1991—first)
Willie Bogan, Dartmouth (Football, 1970—first; 1989—Hall of Fame)
Ed Boone, Penn (Baseball, 1974—second)
*Ed Boyda, Harvard (Golf, 1997—first)
Bill Bradley, Princeton (Basketball, 1965—first; 1988—Hall of Fame)
Darren Brady, Brown (Basketball, 1985—first)
Jeff Brauger, Brown (Football, 1983—second)
Billy Brown, Yale (Football, 2002—second)
Shonda Brown, Cornell (Track & Field, 2005—third)
Lisa Brummel, Yale (Basketball, 1981—third) *Joy Bucher, Princeton (Crew, 2000—second)
Tammy Butler, Harvard (Basketball, 1995—third)
Mike Cahill, Cornell (Football, 1983—second)
Kevin Callahan, Yale (Football, 1991—second)
*Lindsay Campbell, Princeton (Fencing, 2002—third)
Joe Carrabino, Harvard (Basketball, 1981—fourth; 1985—first)
Daniel Carson, Dartmouth (Football, 1984—second)
Greg Cass, Columbia (Soccer, 2007—first)
Christa Champion, Brown (Basketball, 1984—first; 1985—first; 1986—first)
*Greg Chang, Harvard (Fencing, 1997—third)
Brian Chaput, Penn (Track & Field, 2003—second; 2004—first)
Karen Chastain, Cornell (Track & Field, 2001—first)
Nick Christman, Dartmouth (Soccer, 2007—first)
*Jennifer Cobb, Cornell (Track & Field, 1991—first; 1992—first)
Kristin Cobb, Dartmouth (X-C / T&F, 1995—first)
Lenny Collins, Cornell (Basketball, 2006—third)
Rich Comizio, Penn (Football, 1986—first)
*Bryan Corey, Yale (Lacrosse, 2001—third)
*Grace Cornelius, Princeton (Swimming, 1995—third)
Adom Crew, Brown (Soccer, 2004—third)
*Alison Crocker, Dartmouth (Skiing, 2005—first; 2006—first)
*Emily Cross, Harvard (Fencing, 2006—third)
†Katy Cross, Penn (Soccer, 2004—first; 2005—first)
William Crowley, Yale (Football, 1978—first)
Reka Cserny, Harvard (Basketball, 2005—first)
John Cuozzo, Brown (Football, 1987—first)
Tim Daaleman, Yale (Basketball, 1982—honorable mention)
*Yann Danis, Brown (Ice Hockey, 2004—second)
Tim DeBlois, Cornell (Lacrosse, 2004—second)
Sam Denmeade, Columbia (Football, 1983—second)
Linda DeRenzo, Dartmouth (Basketball, 1980—third)
Rich Diana, Yale (Football, 1981—first)
Mike DiChiaro, Columbia (Baseball, 1984—first)
Dyan Dieda, Princeton (Softball, 1992—third)
Lindsay Donaldson, Yale (Track & Field, 2006—second)
Josh Dooley, Dartmouth (Football, 2006—second)
Graham Dow, Cornell (Basketball, 2007—first)
Ken Dryden, Cornell (Ice Hockey, 2005—Hall of Fame)
Kevin Dulsky, Harvard (Football, 1987—second)
Arne Duncan, Harvard (Basketball, 1987—first)
†*Darren Eales, Brown (Soccer, 1995—first)
*Sue Eastman, Dartmouth (Soccer, 1998—first)
Gordon Ederle, Princeton (Basketball, 1982—honorable mention)
Marty Edwards, Brown (Football, 1986—first)
James Fangmeyer, Penn (Football, 1986—second)
*Karen Feldman, Cornell (Soccer, 1984—second)
*Mark Fergeson, Cornell (Wrestling, 1992—third; 1993—first)
Naja Ferjan, Brown (Track & Field, 2006—third)
Dave Feuerstein, Yale (Baseball, 1995—third)
Paul Fichiera, Brown (Football, 1996—second)
*Sheila Findley, Harvard (Swimming, 1988—first)
Bob Flaherty, Princeton (Baseball, 1976—second)
Dave Folsom, Brown (Football, 1982—first)
Jen Fong, Yale (Softball, 1993—second)
Bob Forster, Brown (Football, 1978—second)
*Chris Fox, Brown (Soccer, 1996—first)
Kevin Fox, Princeton (Football, 1976—first)
Steph Fox, Princeton (Softball, 1993—third)
*John Friedman, Harvard (X-C / T&F, 2002—first)
Sean Furey, Dartmouth (Track & Field, 2004—third; 2005—second)
Jeff Gaca, Cornell (Basketball, 1993—third)
*Margaret Gardel, Brown (Rowing, 1998—second)
Kevin Gardner, Yale (Football, 1978—second)
John Gasella, Columbia (Football, 1953—first)
Michael Germino, Penn (Football, 1999—first)
*Suzy Gibbons, Dartmouth (Lacrosse, 2001—third)
Tom Gilmore, Penn (Football, 1985—second)
*Michael Girouard, Columbia (Swimming, 1988—first)
Doug Glanville, Penn (Baseball, 1991—first)
*George Gleason, Yale (Swimming, 2001—second)
Jim Goffredo, Harvard (Basketball, 2007—second)
*Rachel Goldberg, Cornell (Gymnastics, 2002—third; 2003—third; 2004—first)
*Paul Gompers, Harvard (X-C / T&F, 1987—second)
Steve Goodrich, Princeton (Basketball, 1998—second)
*Troy Gorman, Cornell (Lacrosse, 1999—third)
Ben Green, Harvard (Football, 1999—first)
*Dov Grumet-Morris, Harvard (Ice Hockey, 2005—third)
Kevin Guthrie, Princeton (Football, 1982—first; 1983—first)
*Dora Gyorffy, Harvard (Track & Field, 2000—first; 2001—first)
Derrick Harmon, Cornell (Football, 1982—first; 1983—first)
Elissa Hart, Harvard (Volleyball, 1997—third)
†Nick Hartigan, Brown (Football, 2005—first; 2006—first)
Tim Hassett, Dartmouth (Basketball, 1985—first)
Ed Haughey, Penn (Baseball, 1995—second)
Brian Hennen, Yale (Football, 1989—second)
Billy Hess, Columbia (Baseball, 2003—second)
Joseph Hiffa, Harvard (Football, 1993—second)
Tim Hill, Harvard (Basketball, 1999—second)
Steve Hillegeist, Princeton (Football, 1989—second)
*Thomas Hocker, Yale (Track & Field, 2001—second; 2002—first)
Travis Holcombe, Brown (Football, 1981—first)
Joseph Holland, Cornell (Football, 1976—first; 1978—first; 1991—Hall of Fame)
Andrew Huling, Harvard (Baseball, 1999—first)
*Olga Itskhoki, Cornell (Tennis, 1996—second)
Derek Johnson, Columbia (Baseball, 2002—first)
Eric Johnson, Yale (Football, 1999—first)
Sue Johnson, Yale (Basketball, 1984—honorable mention)
Will Johnson, Harvard (Football, 2006—second)
Brian Kappel, Princeton (Baseball, 2005—third)
*Mark Kasevich, Dartmouth (Swimming, 1985—third)
Bobby Kay, Harvard (Baseball, 1986—honorable mention)
David Kelley, Yale (Football, 1992—third)
Colleen Kelly, Dartmouth (Soccer, 2007—third)
*Robert Kempainen, Dartmouth (X-C / T&F, 1987—second; 1988—second)
Scott Kenney, Cornell (Baseball, 1988—third; 1989—second)
*R.D. Kern, Harvard (Football, 2001—second)
*Vanessa Kerry, Yale (Lacrosse, 1999—third)
*David Key, Cornell (Lacrosse, 2001—second)
*Tom Killian, Harvard (Water Polo, 1991—second)
Felicity Kolp, Dartmouth (Volleyball, 1998—second)
Mike Konieczny, Brown (Baseball, 1976—second)
Gail Koziara, Dartmouth (Basketball, 1981—first; 1982—first)
Carol Kuna, Penn (Basketball, 1980—first)
Elisabeth Kwak-Hefferan, Penn (Volleyball, 2003—second; 2004—first)
Dominic Lanza, Dartmouth (Football, 1997—first)
*Jessica Larson, Harvard (Soccer, 1999—second)
*James Lawler, Harvard (Swimming, 2005—third)
Glover Lawrence, Yale (Football, 1989—first)
*Anne Lee, Princeton (Softball, 1987—second)
Zack Lehman, Dartmouth (Football, 1994—first)
*David LeNeveu, Cornell (Ice Hockey, 2003—second)
Frederick Leone, Yale (Football, 1981—first)
Rick Lloyd, Brown (Basketball, 1991—third; 1992—second)
Jon Logan Edwards, Dartmouth (Basketball, 1982—fourth)
*Bettie Lombardi, Penn (Lacrosse, 1983—second)
Seamus Lonergan, Dartmouth (Basketball, 1996—first; 1997—second)
John Mackay, Dartmouth (Basketball, 1989—third; 1990—third)
*Kunj Majmudar, Harvard (Tennis, 1999—third)
Joe Margolis, Harvard (Football, 1982—second)
*Diane Marks, Harvard (Rowing, 1999—third)
*Oliver Marti, Brown (Lacrosse, 1993—second)
*Tim Martin, Harvard (Swimming, 2000—second)
Ron Mateo, Cornell (Football, 1986—second)
*Ellen Mayer Sabik, Cornell (Gymnastics, 1983—first; 1984—first; 1997—Hall of Fame)
*Katie McAnaney, Harvard (Lacrosse, 1989—third)
*Tom McArdle, Dartmouth (X-C / T&F, 2002—third)
Ed McCarthy, Yale (Football, 2007—second)
*Joe McCarthy, Princeton (Volleyball, 1997—first)
*Mark McRae, Cornell (Ice Hockey, 2002—third; 2003—second)
Lucas Meyer, Yale (Track & Field, 2005—third)
Glenn Meyers, Columbia (Baseball, 1985—first)
*Meghan Miller, Cornell (Gymnastics, 2005—third)
*Anna Mitescu, Yale (Gymnastics, 1996—third)
*Anne Moellering, Dartmouth (F.Hockey / Lax, 1989—second)
Fred Morris, Yale (Football, 1968—first)
Tom Morrow, Dartmouth (Football, 1991—first)
Robert Morse, Penn (Basketball, 1971—first)
Craig Morton, Dartmouth (Football, 1986—second)
Kit Mueller, Princeton (Basketball, 1990—third; 1991—first)
Andy Muhlestock, Penn (Baseball, 1973—second)
Todd Murray, Brown (Basketball, 1985—first)
Sophia Neely, Dartmouth (Basketball, 1989—third; 1990—first)
Garrett Neubart, Columbia (Baseball, 1995—first)
Spencer Neumann, Harvard (Football, 1991—second)
Tom Neville, Yale (Football, 1970—first)
Ellen Newberry, Brown (Softball, 1985—second)
*Kirk Nielsen, Harvard (Ice Hockey, 1996—third)
*Jeff Nord, Brown (Track & Field, 1999—third)
*Kanu Okike, Harvard (Lacrosse, 2001—third)
Kelly Olino, Cornell (Softball, 1999—third)
Kate O'Neill, Yale (X-C / T&F, 2002—third; 2003—first)
Laura O'Neill, Yale (X-C / T&F, 2002—third; 2003—first)
*Gretchen Orr, Brown (Soccer, 1985—honorable mention)
*Erin Osborn, Dartmouth (Lacrosse, 2005—second)
Crawford Palmer, Dartmouth (Basketball, 1993—second)
*Scott Paltrowitz, Cornell (Tennis, 2004—second)
*Ed Pankau, Harvard (Volleyball, 2000—third)
Michael Patsis, Dartmouth (Football, 1983—first)
Thomas Pauly, Princeton (Baseball, 2003—third)
Hana Peljto, Harvard (Basketball, 2003—first; 2004—first)
*Tom Pereles, Penn (Swimming, 1985—first)
John Plansky, Brown (Baseball, 1986—honorable mention; 1987—second)
*Karen Prazar, Brown (Rowing, 2004—first)
Brad Preble, Dartmouth (Football, 1991—first)
Mitch Price, Columbia (Football, 1952—first)
*Stephen Raab, Cornell (Gymnastics, 1983—second; 1984—third)
*Joel Radtke, Harvard (Golf, 1996—third)
*Susan Rea, Princeton (Soccer, 1999—first)
*Ilaria Rebay, Columbia (X-C / T&F, 1987—first)
Amy Reinhard, Harvard (Softball, 1995—third)
*Scott Reinhardt, Princeton (Lacrosse, 1994—second)
*Dana Remus, Harvard (Rowing, 1997—second)
*Jaimee Reynolds, Cornell (Lacrosse, 2001—first; 2002—first)
Carl Ricci, Yale (Football, 1994—second)
Andrei Rodzianko, Penn (Wrestling, 1998—first)
Kevin Rooney, Cornell (Football, 2004—first)
*Angela Ruggiero, Harvard (Ice Hockey, 2004—first)
Pat Ruwe, Yale (Football, 1982—second)
*Ginny Ryan, Cornell (Track & Field, 1994—third; 1995—first)
Mike Ryan, Yale (Basketball, 1989—second)
Dick Sandler, Princeton (Football, 1968—first)
*Howard Sands, Harvard (Tennis, 1983—third)
*Jim Sapienza, Dartmouth (X-C / T&F, 1985—second)
*Kate Saul, Brown (Crew, 2000—second)
Darren Schmidt, Columbia (Football, 2007—second)
Ryan Schmidt, Columbia (Baseball, 2003—first)
Melanie Schorr, Dartmouth (Track & Field, 2006—first)
John Sefcik, Columbia (Football, 1971—first)
Brian Sennett, Brown (Baseball, 1983—second)
*Cathy Sharkey, Yale (Lacrosse, 1992—second)
David Shearer, Dartmouth (Football, 1994—first)
*Chris Shortsleeve, Harvard (Lacrosse, 1997—third)
Alex Sierk, Princeton (Football, 1998—first)
Matt Simmons, Brown (Football, 1997—second)
Scott Simpson, Brown (Baseball, 1987—first)
*Josh Sims, Princeton (Lacrosse, 1999—second; 2000—first)
Scott Sims, Dartmouth (Football, 1987—second)
Luke Siwula, Cornell (Football, 2007—first)
Chris Smith, Harvard (Football, 1997—second)
*Ginger Smith, Dartmouth (Soccer / Lax, 1993—third)
Mark Smith, Cornell (Baseball, 1987—second)
Erin Snyder, Princeton (Softball, 2006—third)
†Paul Sorensen, Dartmouth (Football, 1987—first; 1988—first)
Josh Staph, Harvard (Football, 2002—second)
*Emily Stauffer, Harvard (Soccer, 1998—second)
Matt Stehle, Harvard (Basketball, 2006—second)
*Lee Stempniak, Dartmouth (Ice Hockey, 2005—third)
*Casey Stevenson, Cornell (Lacrosse, 2005—second)
*Jennie Strickler, Harvard (Track & Field, 1983—second)
*Lisa Stroud, Cornell (Gymnastics, 1986—honorable mention)
Sean Sullivan, Princeton (Baseball, 1992—third)
Jay Swett, Dartmouth (Football, 1988—second)
*Brenda Taylor, Harvard (Track & Field, 2001—third)
Sheila Terranova, Brown (Field Hockey, 1985—third)
*Marc Thorne, Cornell (Soccer, 1996—second; 1997—first)
Stacy Thurber, Princeton (Softball, 1994—second; 1995—first; 1996—second)
David Tompkins, Yale (Basketball, 1999—third)
Russ Torres, Dartmouth (Football, 1992—first)
*Justin Tortolani, Princeton (Lacrosse, 1991—first; 1992—first)
Mark Turley, Cornell (Football, 1979—second)
Jim Turner, Brown (Basketball, 1986—first)
Dave Van Metre, Cornell (Football, 1984—second; 1985—first)
*Krystyn Van Vliet, Brown (Rowing, 1998—second)
Jim Villanueva, Harvard (Football, 1983—second)
Scott Wagner, Yale (Football, 1990—second; 1991—first)
Andrew Walker, Yale (Football, 1991—second)
Marc Washington, Princeton (Football, 1996—second)
Ramon Watkins, Cornell (Football, 1991—second)
*Paul Watson, Harvard (Swimming, 1990—second)
*Ed Watts, Brown (Track & Field, 1997—third)
*Cathy Wetmore, Yale (Crew, 2002—third)
*Andy Wiener, Brown (Water Polo, 2006—third)
*Harald Winkmann, Princeton (Fencing, 1994—first)
*Hans Wittusen, Brown (Soccer, 1997—second)
August Wolf, Princeton (Track & Field, 1983—third)
Rosie Wustrack, Yale (Volleyball, 1998—third)
*Jack Wylie, Harvard (Golf, 1995—third)
Donna Yaffe, Brown (Basketball, 1983—honorable mention; 1984—second; 1985—third)
*Jessica Yu, Yale (Fencing, 1987—first)
*Kathy Zuckerman, Yale (Fencing, 1999—third)

— Brett Hoover

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