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Ivy NCAA Awards
The NCAA has had its national award program for 40 years now and the Ivy League has certainly been at its center throughout, including former Cornell All-American Brud Holland, who received the Teddy Roosevelt Award in 1972.

It took the NCAA a little while to figure out its award program. It started in 1967 with two honorees, both with ties to the Ivy League. President Dwight D. Eisenhower — a former president at Columbia University — was the first recipient of the Theodore Roosevelt Award, which is the highest honor the NCAA confers on an individual. Meanwhile, the NCAA gave out its only Astronaut Salute, which went to Major Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, who had been a star pole vaulter at the U.S. Military Academy (then a member of Heps).

The first actual Ivy graduates to earn awards came the following year as former Massachusetts Governor and Senator Leverett Saltonstall was awarded the Teddy. A rower, football and ice hockey player at Harvard, Saltonstall was the captain of the first American crew to win the prestigious Grand Challenge Cup at the Henley Royal Regatta. Three Leaguers were also awarded the NCAA Business Leaders Salute, the only time that honor was ever bestowed.

In 1970, the NCAA had its only Governor Salute, honoring two former Yale athletes — Michigan's William Milliken and Illinois' Richard Ogilvie. Following that in 1972, the League had its second 'Teddy' Award winner — former Cornell football All-American Brud Holland, who later became a university president and an ambassador for the United States.

The first Ivy Silver Anniversary Award winner came in 1974, when former Columbia football player Eugene Rossides was named. Just last January, the Ivy League tied a record with three Silver awardees — Yale's Pat Melton, Dartmouth's Gail Koziara Boudreaux and Brown's Steve Jordan.

In 1978, Cornell All-American and national champion lacrosse player Dan Mackesey claimed the League's first NCAA Today's Top VIII Award, which honors eight outstanding senior student-athletes of the preceding calendar year. Yale's Amanda Walton became the first Ivy Leaguer to be named the recipient of the NCAA Inspiration Award in 2003.

In 2006, the Ivy League became the first conference to have recipients of each of the four major NCAA awards in a single season — Nick Hartigan (Brown, Top VIII); John Doar (Princeton, Inspiration); Robert Kraft (Columbia, Teddy) and Susan Wellington (Yale, Silver Anniversary).

The entire list is below:

Theodore Roosevelt Award
Leverett Saltonstall — Harvard '14 — Rowing, Football & Ice Hockey

NCAA Business Leaders Salute
Hulbert S. Aldrich — Yale '30 — Football & Basketball
George Champion — Dartmouth '26 — Football
Charles C. Tillinghast — Brown '32 — Football, Basketball & Lacrosse

NCAA Governor Salute
William G. Milliken — Yale '46 — Basketball
Richard B. Ogilvie — Yale '47 — Football & Wrestling

Theodore Roosevelt Award
Jerome H. Holland — Cornell '39 — Football

Silver Anniversary Award
Eugene T. Rossides — Columbia '49 — Football

Silver Anniversary Award
Samuel H. Greenawalt — Penn '51 — Football & Squash

Silver Anniversary Award
Richard W. Kazmaier — Princeton '52 — Football

NCAA Today's Top VIII Award
Daniel R. Mackesey — Cornell '78 — Lacrosse & Soccer

Silver Anniversary Award
Richard J. Censits — Penn '58 — Basketball

Silver Anniversary Award
Stephan Friedman — Cornell ‘59 — Wrestling

Silver Anniversary Award
Paul J. Choquette Jr. — Brown '60 — Football & Track

Theodore Roosevelt Award
George H.W. Bush — Yale '48 — Baseball

Silver Anniversary Award
Arthur J. Roberts — Columbia '65 — Football, Basketball & Baseball

NCAA Today's Top VIII Award
Meredith L. Rainey — Harvard '91 — Track & Field

Silver Anniversary Award
Tone N. Grant — Yale ‘66 — Football & Lacrosse

Silver Anniversary Award
Donald A. Schollander — Yale '68 — Swimming

Silver Anniversary Award
Calvin Hill — Yale '69 — Football

Silver Anniversary Award
Kwaku Ohene-Frempong — Yale ‘70 — Soccer, Track & Field

Silver Anniversary Award
Kurt L. Schmoke — Yale ‘71 — Football & Lacrosse

Silver Anniversary Award
Jack Ford — Yale ‘72 — Football

Silver Anniversary Award
Lawrie Mifflin — Yale '73 — Field Hockey

NCAA Today's Top VIII Award
Emily Stauffer — Harvard '99 — Soccer

NCAA Today's Top VIII Award
Josh Sims — Princeton '00 — Lacrosse

Silver Anniversary Award
Lisa Rosenblum — Yale ‘75 — Tennis

NCAA Inspiration Award
Amanda Walton — Yale '02 — Field Hockey & Lacrosse

Silver Anniversary Award
Virginia Anne Gilder — Yale '79 — Rowing

Silver Anniversary Award
Gary Lawrence — Yale '80 — Ice Hockey

Theodore Roosevelt Award
Robert Kraft — Columbia '63 — Lightweight Football

NCAA Today's Top VIII Award
Nick Hartigan — Brown '06 — Football

Silver Anniversary Award
Susan Wellington — Yale '81 — Women's Swimming & Softball

NCAA Inspiration Award
John Doar — Princeton '44 — Basketball

NCAA Today's Top VIII Award
Alison Crocker — Dartmouth '07 — Skiing & Rowing

Silver Anniversary Award
Gail (Koziara) Boudreaux — Dartmouth '82 — Basketball, Track & Field
Steve Jordan — Brown '82 — Football
Patricia Melton — Yale '82 — Track & Field

— Brett Hoover

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